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House of Danas (2001.9.10)


When I talk about 2001, that was already twelve or thirteen years ago. Back then, I think I was in the fourth grade of elementary school.


On that day, we were supposed to go to the summer school in Kamakura but due to the typhoon, it was canceled in the morning. 


So I ended up playing video games from day to night.

Out the window one could see the pouring rain and gusty wind which made the thought of stepping outside implausible. I also had a feeling my mother was watching me the whole time. 


I only remembered this day recently but three days after my recollection my mother brought up a conversation about that same day.


“With the typhoon outside and you being so immersed in the game,it made me scared. That night was also when 911 occurred,” my mother said.


That’s right. The next day, the morning news was a turmoil.

Nevertheless, the typhoon had passed and I proceeded to go to summer school.

I think the teacher mentioned something along the lines of: “something awful has happened in the world,” but the big bloody turtle washed up on the beach during that summer was a more vivid memory in my mind. 


I can not forget that day because various personal events seemed to overlap.

One can say that none of the events had any relation to one another - the result of pure coincidence. One can also say all of the events had a connection.

I also feel that because of that day something inside me shifted. At the same time, I feel that everything had stayed the same.


Danas is the name of the typhoon from that day. 

English Translation  : Sara Giusto Yasunaga

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